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Below are so common questions or concerns regarding the shop page. If you have a question of your own feel free to contact Our Oath To Earth directly. 

How do you price each ceramic piece?

Just to do a form of art like ceramics you have to factor in the cost of tools, clay, a pottery wheel, firing, and glazes. I also take a multi-weekly class so that I can remain consistent and grow my skills which is also expensive. On top of these necessary costs is the time factor; each piece, no matter how good of a potter you are, takes at least a week to create, dry, trim, fire, glaze, and fire again. Finally, this form of art is creatively demanding, and I am aware of what my artistry is worth. 

How can I contact OOTE if I have an issue?

There are multiple outlets on my site to contact me directly. You can also click the mail icon on the right of the menu bar or the footer. 

What is the return or refund policy?

I have a strict no-return or refund policy due to the fragility of ceramic pieces. It is out of my control what happens to the items once the are shipped; however, care for each piece and work very hard to ensure each is as protected as possible.

How do you price your shipping and handling?

I price my shipping by the weight of the item or items purchased. I have a flat rate 2 dollar handling fee as it is expensive transporting fragile items like ceramics. However, if you live local to Burbank, CA feel free to contact me to pick up items for free or have them hand-delivered for much less.

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