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How bad will you let it get?

Animal abuse is normalized from pound pets to endangered wildlife. The focus on efficiency and profitability often means that the well-being of the animals is not a priority. How bad will we let it get before we choose acknowledge the issue?

Do you consider yourself an ethical person, if so why? When answering this question, you may account for the narrow section of ethics such as morals and values; however, how does this apply in regards to animals. Ask yourself this follow-up question, do you agree that animals are deserving, living, beautiful, intelligent creatures. Yes. Then why do we continue to punish and project onto our neighbors of Earth with violent abuse and disturbingly, unnecessary death? Why do we bend animal abuse laws to further enable commercial farming, the largest cause of global abuse of animals in history? To fully understand the weight of these questions, you must grasp the capacity of two words, abuse, and history.

The denition of abuse reads: treat (a person or an animal) with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. Kind, forgiving, defenseless, vulnerable animals are constantly being beaten, dragged, mutilated, kicked, malnourished, dehydrated, abandoned, choked, burned, suocated, unnecessarily and painfully tested, all to end by being slowly and brutally killed at the hands of humans, us. In our hands, we abuse billions of animals, currently. We continue to allow this horrible, disgusting mistreatment of those with share our planet with, those we rely on to survive!

Big business, currently thriving o of the pain of animals, is hiding behind a fabricated portrayal of the truth. Hundreds of companies participate in mass abuse without conviction while others take the extra step of blatantly lying to their customers. Brands claiming to have animals on organic and “free-range” farms often endure the same cruel mutilation and abuse as animals on other factories’ farms, including more examples of cruelty like debeaking, dehorning, and castration without painkillers. Cattle, for example, generally have their horns cut o, their testicles sliced out of their scrotums, and many are branded with searing-hot irons. Pigs, one of the most intelligent and comparable animals to humans, have their tails cut o, their ears notched, and rings forced into their sensitive noses in order to prevent them from rooting in the grass and dirt, which is a key part of pigs’ stimulation. Chickens on organic egg farms usually have part of their beaks cut o, which causes them both acute and chronic pain. Male chicks are inhumanely thrown out, then slaughtered alive. Animal product brands, including such that are misleading, are detached from and unconcerned with ethics. It is time we demand that the farming of animals be done correctly! It is truly the bare minimum that animals’ rights and lives be accounted for. Animals do not deserve to be subjected to the abuse, mistreatment, and boundaries that we, humans, have bestowed upon ourselves!

Along with the rabbit hole of abuse is the heavily depressing reality of our current, self-inicted dilemma. We have quickly, inconsiderably used Earth’s resources to the bone and are beginning to see the end. Not only will humans suer as a result but animals, plants, and nature as a whole have drastically been aected. What is most concerning; however, is the lack of accountability and adaptability humans are enabling for the sake of lives. Animals continue to suer although we have the resources and capabilities to completely alter the

future of both commercial farm animals and wildlife. We have the technology to painlessly killed animals, why don’t we? We have the capabilities to farm sustainability, why aren’t we? We have determined that laboratory testing on animals is entirely not useful, extremely disturbing, and harmful, so why do we continue testing on animals? We have the motivation, power, and care to demand immediate changes that will react with immediate benet! For the rst time in history, 97% of the 10 billion animals tortured and killed each year are farm animals. We can no longer accept this as reality.

Animals are innocent, loving beings, who we still have so much to learn from, gain from, and care give to. We need to change our methods before it is no longer an option. Nowadays it is easier than ever to do your part whether it means becoming vegetarian or vegan (or simply eating local farm meat/less meat), boycotting all products involved with animal testing, not purchasing leather/fur/reptile skin, etc. It truly starts and ends with you and me. We are the product these big businesses rely on and without us, they will be forced to change the agenda that we blindly follow. Do not accept this unacceptable behavior.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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